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I know every line from the film, 'Master of Disguise.'

The Most Adorable Celeb Baby Bumps

Chrissy Teigen

From Blake Lively to Serena Williams, here are twenty celebrity pregnancies photos that have us wishing we could make baby bumps look this good! These lovely ladies make pregnancy look glamorous, no cosmetic surgery required. Whether it’s an awards show or running errands, they were naturally glowing. So let’s take …

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HBO’s Westworld: Waiting For Season Two

Featured Image Westworld

Westworld took the world by storm, as do many HBO shows. Honestly, that network knows how to pick them. Actually, the premiere of Westworld gave HBO its largest ratings for a show opener since three years earlier with True Detective. Seriously, Westworld is becoming almost as big a phenomenon as …

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Donald Glover: From Comedy To Music To Emmy-Winner

Featured Image1

Meet Donald Glover, one of Hollywood’s most talented young artists. Donald Glover is like no other. In fact, he’s got a hand in almost everything. Seriously, he began with comedy on the YouTube channel Derrick Comedy and then got a job writing for Tina Fey’s 30 Rock right after graduating …

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Why Everyone Is Talking About The Dirty John Podcast

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Brought to you by the LA Times’ Christopher Goffard comes the investigative report about Debra Newell Stewart, devout evangelical Christian and a man named John Meehan. Debra meets John on a dating site. John appeared “smart, charming, and articulate” to her and told her he was an anesthesiologist who just …

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