The Best Gadgets For Your Personal Home Spa

Published on 05/31/2021

Sometimes all you need is a massage, some scented candles and some nice face masks. If you however don’t have the time to go to a professional spa to get pampered do not worry. With these new gadgets you can create your own spa at home. Continue reading, and learn more about the newest gadgets that will create a relaxing and pampering environment within your apartments.

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The Best Gadgets For Your Personal Home Spa

Leaf Urban Health Tracker

Smartwatches are already well known and very popular among fitness and health lovers. But have you ever heard of a health tracking necklace? The “Leaf Urban Health Tracker” is new on the market and super stylish. It is designed specifically for women and tracks information like your sleep cycles, evaluation dates, calories etc. Besides the practical fact, the necklace is super cute and stylish and can track all your important information. The necklace is available on “Brookstone” for around $99.

Muse Meditation Tracker Headband

The Muse Meditation Headband Tracker, is a great device for people who want to relax and practice a peaceful mind. You put the headband on your head and listen to the sounds it gives. The device can be connected to your phone and will transfer the information of your body information to the phone. Furthermore, you can also get meditation tips and tricks as well as improvement tips through the app. The extraordinary relaxation gadget is available on AMAZON for $210.

Palm NRG Massage Socks

After a long day of work, your feet can get exhausted. There is nothing better against tired and hurting feed than a massage. The special socks use transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, in order to massage the feet and relax them. The socks can massage your feet in many modes, according to what your body needs. This gadget is perfect for people with feet pain or anyone who just wants to relax and treat themselves.

Shiatsu Heated Shoulder & Neck Massage

If you need to relax after a long day, you should get yourself a “Shiatsu Heated Shoulder and Neck Massage”. You put the gadget around your neck and shoulder, and it massages your back with heat and tissue circulation. Through the special massage technique, your deep tissue muscles get relaxed, and your body can relax. If you add some nice music, you will feel as if you are in a fancy spa!

Luma Skin Therapy Wand

The Luma Skin Therapy Wand is a magical gadget. If you search an all round product for your skin, you can stop searching! The gadget is a LED light, with a blue light against skin inflammations, a red light that helps to increase blood circulations (helps with anti-aging) and a green light that is known to fight skin impurities and keep the skin clean and healthy. The gadget also allows massaging your skin and give it some power to regenerate. The extraordinary gadget is available on AMAZON for around $80.

Blueair Blue Pure 411 Air Cleaner

Good clean air is essential to be happy and healthy. A great gadget to clean the room in your apartment is the “Blueair Pure Air Purifier”. The gadget cleans the air and kills 99% of the bacteria. You can buy the wonderful product for around $118 on AMAZON.